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Daniel Phelps is an emerging technology artist and Associate Professor of Communications Technology at York College, CUNY. His integrated media and documentary work has been seen in art galleries, 3D film festivals, the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office), and multimedia installation facilities around the country. Daniel’s current focus of research looks to blend emerging technology in autonomy, robotics, virtual/augmented reality, and other forms of digital fabrication for the applied sciences of modern documentary arts. Most recently, his research orbits the question of, “what is lost as the world changes around us?” Professor Phelps’ feature-length documentary, The Domino Effect, collects the rich histories and stories of what neighborhoods lose, and gain, in the public land-use development process. While his latest project, The Future American Retrospective combines Virtual Reality & Robotics to showcase and preserve the diverse and hidden stories of Americana. FARvr attempts to capture the voices, sights, and sounds of our histories as they are so quickly lost is a rejection of historical atrophy and the accounts that define our time and ultimately ourselves. Queens LGBTQ + The Future American Retrospective In the Fall of 2018, The Future American Retrospective Project, the Queens Memory Project and The Wagner Archives at LaGuardia Community College came together with Queens Residents of the LGBTQ+ community to record a series of conversations that resulted in the Art Show that you see today. Inviting students, faculty, LGBTQ activists and cultural contributors to York College to record their oral histories that this community has faced over the past 60 years, the theme of the Fall 2018 LGBTQ Symposium was, “Looking Back on a Generation of LGBTQ Ideas and Issues.” The event brought together multiple generations of activists, scholars, and students in the LGBTQ community to not only reflect, but look forward as the community tackles issues in a constantly changing landscape. There were two panels recorded in high-fidelity 8K immersive video/VR. The first panel addressed “Activism “ in the LGBTQ community over the years. The second panel went on to discuss “Gender Fluidity”; how the landscape has emerged and what to expect as our city grows with its people. These discussions created rich, long-lasting contributions to the LGBTQ communities in Queens through art, technology, and modern archival practices. This installation project consists of a VR head-mounted display, 4KUHD video monitors, and a first-of-its-kind, 4-screen immersive public VR space allowing multiple people to experience the symposium discussions, conversations, archival photos, and LGBTQ art in public and welcoming environment.

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