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The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) is a non-profit organization where New York’s libraries and archives come together to learn, share ideas, and collaborate. We work with our membership to develop and maintain essential services throughout New York City and Westchester County. All of METRO’s services are developed and delivered with broad input and support from an experienced staff of library professionals, the organization’s membership, an active board of trustees, and advisory councils. METRO is the largest of nine reference and research resource councils, known as the Empire State Library Network (ESLN), in New York State.

METRO advances library and knowledge-management services in New York City, Westchester County and beyond through active collaboration, resource and knowledge sharing, strategic planning and thinking, professional development and advocacy among our members and other organizations with similar interests. In this manner, we improve the public’s access to and understanding of timely, high quality information and strengthen the role of libraries as important partners for solving individual problems, making sense of complex issues in the larger world and accessing cultural and recreational resources.

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