Reuben Yemoh Odol

I am Reuben from La, Accra Ghana. I have lived out side Ghana for the last two decades. I have the syndrome of diverse dimension to a personality of multipontentialite, which permits me to tackle several interesting issues and topics at the same time. I presently live in Casablanca, Morocco for over a decade now. Where i practices as an artiste and migration activiste, a multidisciplinary creativity and actions. My music and artistic creation had helped shaped a new migration policy in Morocco, since 23rd September 2013 till date.

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Casablanca, Grand Casablanca, Morocco

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Reuben Yemoh Odoi is a Ghanaian musician based in Morocco. His music includes and mixes traditions from popular songs to storytelling. Reuben will attend the Vyrsodepseio residency to work with a small group of Athenians to meet the migrants and undocumented people and listen to their journeys. His project a multidisciplinary and participatory street performance in the public space will make these heard; a way of deconstructing borders not only between spaces but also between people sharing the same place.

ā€œ It is in the spirit of our time to talk about human mobility and migration, as a way to talk about the Other. But are we not all on a journey? Are we not all migrants?ā€

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    Undocumented Migrant & His Stateless Family

    Photo documenting the living conditions of a stateless family in Morocco. It's about an undocumented migrant from Ghana.


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