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SACBTA It is a non profit trade association of informal cross border persons in Southern Africa, that work to strengthen, promote and protect cross border traders in the region by improving the business climate of cross border traders, protecting the rights of cross border trade businesses and assisting the informal cross border traders to improve their sales and profits. By 2014 December, the total number of registered cross border members across ten countries reached close to 78,000 of whom 70% are women and 30% men.

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Lusaka, Lusaka Province, Zambia

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The Southern Africa Cross Border Traders Association (SACBTA) works on the creation of platforms for cross border traders in the regional integration agenda in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) through positive contribution and lobbying of inclusive regional trade policies and protocols. SACBTA also empowers traders through constructing a trader owned, coordinated platform for information sharing and abuse reporting. They work towards empowerment of SACBTA Women Traders. Being a one stop information hub on the rules, rights, and responsibilities that surround cross border trade at each border post in Southern Africa provides a powerful lobbying position. SACBTA have considerable cross border and customs administration expertise.

SACBTA was established to amplify the voices of small scale traders in the SADC region. It was registered in 2010 under the patents and company registration (PACRA). Informal Cross Border Trade (ICBT) is an economic activity that engages a high percentage of women in the region. Women in the SADC, COMESA and EAC regions have been at the forefront of Cross Border trade both as a source of income and employment, yet their experiences have not been adequately documented to advocate for improved trade conditions. The lack of income generation and employment opportunities in the formal sector is a key factor for engaging in informal Cross Border trade.

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    Planning to simplify trade for small scale traders in the SADC region


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