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a storytelling workshop delivered by refugees based in the UK

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Tate Modern, London, United Kingdom



Qisetna: Talking Syria is a non-political social and cultural project aiming to engage Syrians and people with a connection to the country to share their stories. It provides a reminder of the humanity of ordinary Syrians through their relationship with arts, culture, sport and places.

The first stage of the project was creating a non-political, bilingual and inclusive blog platform where Syrians feel safe to share their stories. A second aim of this blog is to provide international audiences with a perspective on Syria which is lacking from headlines about the ongoing war. Additionally, the project encourages Syrians develop their storytelling skills through workshops for youth and mentoring. The results of the workshop are to be published on the blog and hopefully later in a book.


mixed audience interested in diversity, human rights and contemporary arts.

How the audience/participants were reached or discovered

through social media and marketing from Tate Modern

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