Mellan oss (Between us)

It's a performance piece created by youth of Botkyrka, based on their own personal experience & interviews.

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Every Summer the municipality of Botkyrka offers summer work for youth at the age of 16 -18. This project was created during that period to create a performance piece based on the experience of the youth and interviews that they have gathered during that period about the spaces between people.


Rotemannavägen 10, Norsborg, Sweden




The primary target group was the kids involve in the performance piece. The secondary target was the audience it self, giving them a point of view from the youth about how they perceive people of the municipality.

How the audience/participants were reached or discovered

During the process one of the task where todo a quick site specific piece, to gain audience experience. This was a way to reach the audience and create a marketing hype. We used social media and “the jungle phone” method to reach and interact with the audience.

How it was done




The first week was compiled by research and interviews about the space where people lived in the municipality of Botkyrka.

One of the D.I.T methods used was about teaching leadership too kids. More thoughts about the D.I.T. methods about leadership you can find in this link below.



One other assignment during the preparation week was to take a frame and find a detail in their environment that they have not noticed earlier or was special for them.


After the preparation week they compiled all the materials into scenes and created a manuscript for the performance


The final performance was shown during their final day in Subtopia, where a lot of people that they had interviewed came to see the final piece.


The end results was a multi disciplinary performance that included selfwriten music, dance choreography and drama pieces. The other and perhaps more important outcome was how the youth that developed during the project and how they grew in themselves. They challenge themselves by going far away from their comfort zone and developed a “F# I can do this” attitude.

Main lessons learned


Thanks to the Ar(t)chitects, the municipality of Botkyrka and the collaboration with local backstage school, we delivered a performance piece that was appreciated by the municipality, participants and the audience.

Activity Timeline


  • Pree production

    Pree production week, Mapping, Exploration, Material retrieval, concept samples

  • Production week

    Production week – Creation week, Idea / material processing, Script processing, text processing, music, choreography work and rehearsal.

  • Production and post production

One comment on “Mellan oss (Between us)

  1. Marcus Haraldsson May 27, 2019 9:18 am

    Hi! Thank you so much for sharing this activity!
    I´m fascinated by the work with the youth, and how they built the performance together, and how it relates to the leadership philosophy of D.I.T.!
    I´m also curious what you think was learnt here. And how you have built on those lessons in later iterations. Looking forward to learn more!

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