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Community Digital Archive tells the history of Pilastro and its citizens by pictures, videos, interviews and documents.

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The creation of the Community Digital Archive originates from a consolidated methodology that our theatre company has developed in the last nine years, focused on the realization of cultural projects that deeply involve and interact with the citizens of Pilastro, neighbourhood in Bologna where theatre DOM is based.

On July 2016 Pilastro has celebrated his 50th birthday and Laminarie decided to create an Archive to tells the story of this neighborhood dedicated to Pilastro citizens and to the enhancement of their stories.



Pilastro, Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy



Pilastro neighborhood is a popular suburb of Bologna where many different people lives and where theatre DOM is based.


All people who lives in Pilastro neighborhood (young and old people, immigrants etc..).

How the audience/participants were reached or discovered

The project originates from a consolidated methodology that our theatre company has developed in the last six years, focused on the realization of cultural projects that deeply involve and interact with the citizens of Pilastro.

How it was done







The result is a online archive that contains photos, interviws, documents related to the history of Pilastro neighborhood. The archive is constantly updated in order to provide a effective source of stories and experiences.

How it went

Main lessons learned

The creation of Community Digital Archive brought people who lives in Pilastro neighborhood to cross the line from past to future to built the history of this place.

We were very glad to have the opportunity to get in touch audience with the stories of the Pilastro habitants.


Laminaries have been called to create a Digital Community Archive, collecting photographic and video documentation that citizens and the Associations rooted in Pilastro have decided to make available. It’s not just about collecting narratives and historical testimonies of the district, but also thinking about the future of Pilastro, involving artists and children in this relationship in an imaginative approach that has been already tested by Laminarie through projects and programs proposed at DOM.


direction Febo Del Zozzo and Bruna Gambarelli
organization Marcella Loconte
communication Federica Rocchi
administration Andrea Berna

With the support of Associazione Al Ghofrane, Athleticsbaseball, Biblioteca Luigi Spina, Centro Commerciale Il Pilastro, Centro Sociale Anziani, Centro Volontariato Sociale, Circolo La Fattoria, Lorenzini Gabriele, Mousiké, Palestra Boxe Le Torri, Scuola d’infanzia e nido Ada Negri, Scuola Primaria Romagnoli, Servizi Educativi, Renato Nanetti, Teletorre 19

Activity Timeline


  • Community Digital Archive

    Laminarie has collected many documents that aim to narrate fragments of Pilastro history through people’s stories and personal memories. Indeed, thanks to a process of direct involvement of citizens, it was possible to match people’s stories with the urban and social changes of Pilastro. The collection presented is divided into six sections:
    Foundation, Recreation, Education, Culture, NOW!, Tomorrow.

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  1. Sudo Studio June 26, 2017 10:29 pm

    It looks like the Community Archive takes the format of an Issuu doc and a wordpress-hosted blog, is that right? If so, any reasons for selecting these formats specifically for organizing and storing the archive?Reference

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