Building Ourselves!

Artistic workshops aimed to strengthen the spirit of collaboration and pride.

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partnering with Europe Grand Central, Roberto Cimetta Fund, European Foundation for Urban Culture, WorkshopsOfCulture

Explores the borders

Ground Creative, ambitious, autodidact


I wanted to make people more sensitized to the cultural spirit, learn cultural practice as autodidacts, and how to share their work with each other. Especially for autodidact people. I wanted to build pride in people for their work, even if they had learned it by themselves. There is often a feel of “impostor” when people have done their own things, even if they are great artists.

I made the project as a residency artist to Poland, and I was impressed with the cultural work in Lublin, and wanted to contribute with my professional competence as a musician and artist.

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Lublin, Poland



The place was connected to Lublov, an art shop in the heart of Lublin (a historic city in Eastern Poland) it was a space in the street.

We had big discussions about the economic circumstance of the area in Lublin. For me, with my Tunisian experience, it was not economically poor, it was relatively wealthy. People in Lublin had possibilities that others would be dreaming about in other parts of the world. But poverty is also about the spirit and the mind, and people did struggle in the areas I worked with. There was not so much a spirit of alternative earning, everything was about money, and thats a kind of spiritual poverty.


The participants came from an alternative collective in

Inna Cultivation is an event inspired from the Sound System culture and aiming to promote auto-organization culture and to highlight local skills through the action Full Culture Zone.

The good vibes of the music will gather locals and guests in a car-free street where they can perform art, present their creations, or simply chill out.

So whatever if you are interested in getting involved in the organization as a volunteer, or if you are a Street artist, a performer, a musician, a photograph, a film maker, etc.. you are welcome to join the movement and share this experience with us.

Full Culture Zone is also open for artisans in different disciplines including gastronomy, gardening, handcrafts, graphic arts, clothing, collectors, D.I.Y, etc… to share the expression of their cultures.

Full Culture Zone
Another atmosphere to meet culture!

How the audience/participants were reached or discovered

Quiet amazing and constructif

How it was done

public art


Competencies, knowledge, skills, collaboration, sharing

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Main lessons learned


Culture and spirit



Lublin, locals

Activity Timeline


  • Free Culture Zone


  • Sound system performance


  • Musical single production release