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How real are the stories we use to explain our “world” to others?

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My passion to reach the essence of things among the countless crossroads of reality inspired me to make this project about daily children’s mythology. “Follow Me” is a kind of anthropological research of this mythology. Their short videos are a presentation of workshop’s results, where kids was trying to observe surrounding world, discover their space, relationship between them and their daily rituals through the cameras. And, in result, try to answer on question: “How real are the stories we use to explain our “world” to others?”


1 Maja 35, Lublin, Poland



Lublin is a city inhabited mostly by Poles with small immigration from Ukraine. The city is strongly catholic and traditional. Otherness is noticeable and not very well received because of the size of the city.


It affects everyone who is different and try to find explanation about own childhood's “world” to others.

How it was done




The main aim was to help teenagers to tell visual story about subjects or urban own spaces, where they are spending the most time, or this places really are disturbed them. In result we present the best videos in the final of these workshops.


Every meetings we have watched and analyzed videos those who filming something, also discussed these videos.


During all time in Poland I was making some notes about children’s games and children’s imagination about their spaces in Lublin. The future book (collection of short stories) will be also based on these notes.



These three videos could present in some way the main topics that I started to research in Lublin: ‘relationships between kids and their spaces’ and ‘relationship between kids and their daily rituals’.

How it went

Main lessons learned

How real are the stories we use to explain our “world” to others? I still in looking for answer on this question.

Activity Timeline


  • 'Follow Me'. Workshops.

  • 'Follow Me'. Screening.

    The screening of these ‘summarizing videos’ was a presentation of workshop’s result, where kids was trying to observe the surrounding world and to discover their space and imagination through the cameras.