Un-Label is an open community of artists from all over Europe and from various artistic disciplines (dance, music, drama, poetry) where the focus is not on the disabilities but on the diversity. Every individual is different and unique, seeking to develop his or her own expressive means. Within Un-Label, everybody perceives diversity as an opportunity of expressive pluralism and innovation, thus as an opportunity to evolve.

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To be able to un-label something or someone, we first have to un-label ourselves.
Labels aren’t necessarily a bad thing if we don’t “stick” to them. Apparently, we label everything. It is part of our human nature. First we label and then we look to understand and connect. The more we connect, the more we un-label. The more we un-label the more we connect.

For a period of 2,5 years, the international cultural project “Un-Label – New Grounds for inclusive Performing Arts” will see about 100 artists with and without disabilities from all over Europe deal with new inclusive and innovative ways of performing arts.

Implementation take places within the framework of various workshops, an artistic residence and a large multidisciplinary dance theatre production which will be presented as national and international guest performances at renowned festivals. Un-Label is a joint project with partners from England, Greece, Turkey and Germany.

International symposia and new Audience Development methods will form part of the project in the form of surtitles and audio descriptions to ensure that also visually impaired people and the hard of hearing can attend the shows. The Cologne University of Technology, Arts, Sciences (TH Köln) supports the project by scientifically monitoring and evaluating it. All project elements as well as a compilation of inclusive best practice examples from all over Europe will finally be published in a working brochure.

The project is funded by EU Creative Europe program and by the Aktion Mensch (German Association for the Care of the Disabled). Project partners are: Candoco Dance Company (England), Synergy of Music Theatre (Greece), Association for The Development of Social and Cultural Life (SKYGD) (Turkey), Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

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