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A story from Stateless in Jordan

This story is from about one and a half years ago. When I start my campaign and ladies start to come after that. (...) It was spring, the sun was very nice but I think it was a little cold breeze. And we were demonstrate near the royal court. The women become tired from catching the banner so they go back to sit between the flowers. So I came back for them. Told them: “what are you doing ladies? We are here to demonstrate, not to just sit between flowers.” They said, “No, no, just give us quarter hour”.
You see, they are old ladies and they can’t stand like that. Sometimes we demonstrate for three hours, four hours. I think these ladies are very nice ladies! Sometimes we have bad times. Because when we demonstrate some people came to say bad words for us. Some people have so much hatred inside and they push it on you. On the banner is written the name of our campaign: “My mother is Jordanian and her citizenship is my right.”

Story photographed and told by Nimeh al-Habashne, mother of stateless children in Amman, Jordan

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Omar Matar St., Amman, Jordan