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A story from Home is Where Mom is-Gozo/Malta

In Arabic خروج بس which reads as Khrouj biss (very similar to the Maltese version)

The main intense thought that sucked me into the Gozitan community ever since I came here on September 26th has interestingly enough been around language; Maltese and Arabic and how come I understand almost 70-80 of a conversation held in Maltese with all its nuances, motivations, intentions and I get the cynicism and all? This required me to always stop for seconds to absorb the history and highlight some of the reasons in order to continue in my day normally, because language does make one feel at home, in addition to the warmth that envelops these Maltese words by the lovely Gozitans. Some of the food here resembles where I come from (Jordan/Palestine), the savoury pastries sold in practically every shop in the main street in Victoria (Gozo’s capital) are just like what we call in Jordan, Palestine, Syria and possibly Lebanon Fatayer. In all cases I think that it should be mandatory upon all Arabs to come and visit Malta and Gozo; actually it takes to live for a month at least to start understanding those little details and to start deciphering what history is and how things are going and who perhaps Arabs or Arabic Speakers are and how they connect or not. I think having Malta in the middle of nothing but water simplifies things as well intensifies them. In addition to being an artist, my income generating profession is translation and text editing and I’m very fond of the Arabic language in particular, so this experience has been spot on to say the least.

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