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A story from Home is Where Mom is-Gozo/Malta

Churches and chapels are everywhere you go in Gozo, mostly beautiful and active within their local community with which the retired mostly interact. The retired mostly just because the youngsters leave by the time they go to university in Malta for instance, for there isn’t one in Gozo-at least not all specialties are available to study in Malta university branch in Gozo. So most of the older men and women would do volunteer work related to the church. Ones who are not so away for school and not so busy with their children and work. Sunday mass though is usually full of families; big and small and of all ages. Women’s presence is very strong, starting with mother Mary to all the Gozitan women who take care of shops, restaurants and drive their children to the different extracurricular activities. Filming and photographing the different mothers in Gozo and as I followed their different lives I attended many masses; in the most beautiful language that I could actually decipher although I don’t speak -but I do understand and its nuances make a lot of sense to me and where I come from, as I said in a previous story/bordr.

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