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A story from Home is Where Mom is-Gozo/Malta

With the so many food intolerances and restrictions I have in my life, my friends and family think I wouldn’t survive a long time anywhere outside my created and provided zone. I have to say I was surprised how smart Victoria and the Gozitan villages were. Smart in sense of efficiency, readiness and availability of products that suit a wide spectrum of people and tastes; probably bigger than the island itself. The Island that I crossed on foot from west to centre, from north to centre and from east to centre. So in theory, I walked its length and width. Almost. But back to my point about efficiency, the smallest shop in any village has a wide variety of Gluten free products; from bread to flour to snacks and biscuits. That was mind-blowing. I shouldn’t be shocked from that, as Malta has been catering for tourists for the longest time. I was only shocked because I compare to Jordan perhaps and the other places I’ve lived in or visited in Europe ever since I was diagnosed with my intolerable intolerance to Gluten 5 years ago.

I add to that efficiency, taste issues; the fresh fish of full favour that has just been caught by the fisherman and the few local products that survived the drought of last year, and the stingy clouds of this year like lettuce, zucchini, lime/lemon and arugula are also as delicious.

Gozitans and Maltese are praying for rain. I pray too for it. For Gozo, Malta and Jordan. We live in very similar conditions. Global warming is one thing, but the similarity in the topography, soil and weather is another. And the prayers that fill the churches and the masajid.

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