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A story from Home is Where Mom is-Gozo/Malta

So in my search and chase of mothers and mother figures, and when I was following Father Michael who works in Arka Foundation in Ghajnsielem in the southeastern part of the island, I found out that he’s a mother of mothers. The army of volunteers that support Arka’s work and Father Michael’s eventually; give unconditionally and so lovingly. Preparing food, picking up persons with disabilities from their respective homes to join the different activities on one of the Sundays, arranging tables and preparing the Arka vans for the next endeavour. Everyone gathers first in Arka for breakfast of tea and biscuits, then off to Sunday mass at Xewkija Church and then back for lunch and from there off to the outing in one of the exciting places and beaches of the island. Volunteers have been doing this for at least the past 10 years. One of them has been volunteering for the past 30 years; when I asked him: “why?” He said after a pause: “Because it is good to help out”. As simple as that. A day that is full of love to remember and the route from Ghainsielem in the southeast to Marsalforn in the north as an outing was lovely to go through covering the different landscapes. Water to green to beach to salt pans and seeing the Qolla l-Bajda and Qolla s-Safra meaning the white and the yellow hillocks. Marsalforn beach was the destination. Where everyone was enjoying the beautiful weather, the chats, and some other bought ice cream to indulge in.

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