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A story from Home is Where Mom is-Gozo/Malta

I think that the exciting part of art residencies is that one has the opportunity to live in a certain place. You know like to get to know the best vegetable place, fish place, and restaurant and so on kind of living. To have friends to wave for in the morning, like the bus drivers and the waiters whenever you go on your morning run kind of living. And to think of whom you want to say goodbye to before you leave and you figure that the number is actually more than 5 people kind of living. And also, to meet interesting people from the local and international art scene. That happened in Gozo and I met Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio an art critic, curator and writer on a number of international journals and portals and we had a splendid afternoon in Xlendi and had lunch there. Many mother figure stories were facilitated/introduced through Victoria the regional coordinator of Gozo for Valletta 2018 Foundation. One of which was the restaurant owner where we had lunch. But I had already set up so many meetings and I wished I’d never stop meeting great mother figures. But the rational side had to kick in to preserve the sanity of the production and the post-production. Sometimes it is so hard to stop, but I do know one thing; Home is Where Mom is, is becoming my calling. I want to do it for years to come and over longer periods of “living”.

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