Expanding City Borders in Civilization 4

Artistic workshops at a school for troubled children in a suburb of Athens

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Explores the borders

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To find a way to phrase artistically another reality and another understanding of borders. Not just conclusions, but also find a way to make this an artistic way to make an audience confront another reality. It woud be within the framework of a school.

The location is extremely important! This area, Eleusina, is for the outcasts in Athens. They live in stalls with sheep. The storytelling is going to be extremely mind-blowing. The social dynamics in this area of migrants, Romas, and underprivileged Greeks.

Also a mythological story tying mystery of the area that is still unknown.. A transition into another world.


Elefsina, Ditiki Attiki, Greece




How it was done



Going to a school for children with special needs. Not heavy cases and they have programmes for music and theatre etc. School is placed in the perifery of Athens, sub proletarian, they play with guns, parents are shepard, and they live with sheep. Its also an exploration of border of the city. Will work with the vice-director of the school and develop the workshop with deeply knowledgeable people. And bring performers to create a very short piece that reflect the whole exchange.
How would you categorize the methods you are using?:

Children would chose their own borders to explore artistically

Music, singing, playing instruments, or gardening workshops, painting – to engage and feel happy when doing it.


Online: Video tape, photograph going onto site (bordr stories) sometimes also with comments by expert

Offline: Create a five minute piece of theatre, concert of free sounds as interpretations of borders

Main lessons learned


Heard a lot of stories and collaborated in the past. I´m really expecting some outrageous material. I cannot predict anything, and it is very risky environment.

Activity Timeline


  • Gaining trust

    gaining trust and start collecting stories, pilot phase (introducing the border concept)


  • Adding new methods

    working with different indoors tutors/experts/artists, to develop a method for each artistic practice (giving more concrete examples).

  • Adding new people

    working with external artists.

  • One week workshop by the visual artist Pantelis Makkas

    The visual artist Pantelis Makkas makes an one week workshop with …borderline children.

  • One week workshop with the performer Rosa Prodromou

    One week workshop with the performer Rosa Prodromou