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Artist, performer, dancer, trainer, curator of exhibitions, author of Cycles of metaphysical shows, the actual figure of a socially responsible art. Statement: «Since I can remember, I was аn artist». I explore, develop and create. I am engaged in contemporary art, especially the performing art, as well as video art, photo, installation. In addition, I try to interact with the audience, analyze, and create an opportunity to reflect on art, bringing it closer to the public. My projects, exhibitions volume include all of the above and include the study of interests, motives, characteristics and trends in society, politics, history, national cultural heritage. As an artist and art manager I am constantly exchanging experiences with colleagues from different spheres of activity, (performative and body practices, art, theater, dance, acroyoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, spiritual practices) in the world and creates my own direction, the conduct master classes.

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Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine

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Taisiya Melnyk was born July 11, 1985 in a family of athletes and coaches. Since childhood she used to spend a lot of time in the gym.

Since 1991 started to practice gymnastics and folk dancing. Then variety, modern.

1995 and in parallel studied at Art school, which changed her outlook and attitude to things.

2000 – received a Diploma in painting. But always wanted to do arts in action, after they have taken a huge page of her life.

Since 1997 began practicing in combat sports (karate, martial arts, judo, sambo).  Became an assistant coach in karate.

2000 – Candidate Master of Sports and champion of Ukraine in fighting. But the search did not end there, as she has always been interested in different styles and types, methods of self-manifestation, studying of your body, its capabilities.

2002 – 2011 – received also two degrees in law, marketing and advertising. It helps Taisiia to be a manager and organizer of many projects, exhibitions and events.

2006 –  – School of Dance «R-class»  of ballerina, Inessa Holod. Shewas a participant and teacher of author’s complex body shapes. Practicing and teaching  aсroyoga, fitness, contact improvisation, performance art. By practicing acroyoga with her  acropartner, Sergei Khlebnikov, and continuing to combine different physical and performative practices created a new direction as a mix of performance art,  contact improvisation, acroyoga, tantric – Acrojazz.

In parallel, She decided to try herself at various theater  studios,  from classical to the studio improvisation. Now, Taisiia  Melnyk  makes master -classes and participate as a jury in theater  festivals. Collecting experience from different areas, styles, in different cities and countries. She wanted to combine something that seems impossible at first.

2013 – Melnyk  created a cycle of metaphysical performances with elements of dance and objects “Diorama life ..”, which includes nine different themed shows united life. Interactive displays,  suggest the involvement of the viewer, not only physically (moving the action), but also psychologically (the experience and analysis of what is happening). Also, She  has been actively taking part in art exhibitions as an artist and art curator. Continuing to combine different areas of the arts, was born a new project with artist Elena Viikholm – exhibition-installation-performance «Play with evidence».

Taisiia conducts master classes in Ukraine and abroad.

She participated as a trainer and coach in the Festival on self-development Touch fest c master-classes to expand consciousness and to identify interests.

Melnyk was also the coach of the Forum for marketing directors to master -classes, which, through performance art, help us to understand ourselves, needs and interests of the audience, to make choices and to take non-standard decisions.

Actively involved in charity events and organized their own fundraising for the ATO zone, also in festivals and art-actions in protest of aggression and death. She was the curator of international art project “Residents of good” cooperation uniting eastern countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova). Start Art project “Residents of Goodness” was in Art Kiev Contemporary  in Art Arsenal. Performance “From  the  same  breed” and the installation “The body of the country.”

Taisiya also took part in the “Position” from the Ruban Production through social initiative “Platform pulse of transformation”, with the support of the National Centre for Performing Arts named Kurbas (NTSTM them. Kurbas) and the International Festival «Zelonka fest modern dance theater”.

Taisiya as an artist and person of  art is constantly exchanging experiences with colleagues from different spheres of activity, (performative and  body practices, art, theater, dance, acroyoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, spiritual practices) in the world and creates her own direction, the author master classes.

Since 2014 Taisiya Melnyk practice  with Sergey Khlebnikov in the direction of acroyoga and acrobalance.

By working day and studying the possibility of the body, mind, interaction constantly bringing into practice the knowledge, aсropartners began to create their own bundles, sequence. Today, one of their new directions , Acrojazz. That practice has incorporated the quality of acrobalance, acroyoga, performance art, dance, contact improvisation, tantric, interaction of partners. To do this, we need a strong desire to tune in and feel a partner, trust him.

International projects:

Sweden – Cycle performances “bud-flower-fruit is” based on a joint exhibition with the Swedish artist Elena Viikholm «Play with evidence».

Netherlands – The cycle of performances, “The Painted Dreams”, International Exhibition, Amsterdam.

Georgia – performance “Exit”, Contemporary Art Center of Tbilisi, Tbilisi.

Czech Republic – performance “Live Forever” at the exhibition “Crystallization” based on the Maidan in Prague.

Belgium – The international project “Songs of Love”, Antwerp.

Performance “Dead Flowers” is dedicated to the Boeing -777, Brussels in collaboration with Deburen Centre in Brussels.

Performance and master class with students Dans, Brussels.

Political debate in Ukraine in Brussels open work “Flowering  cruelty.”

Spain – Participation in “R-evolution. Suprematism. Maidan “. Video hall with an interactive installation. Video art and performance. Kiev, the architect House, in collaboration with the sculptor Carlos Garcia Laos. And the corresponding action in Spain.

Moscow – Performance on Red Square “Drops”. Dedicated to the  study  by artist relations between the countries and a reflection on the theme of empty promises, metaphorical transfusion from a sieve.

International project “Board not fallen heroes”, together with Vyacheslav Akhunov (Uzbekistan) and Oleg grubs (Ukraine). Performance “Heroism?, Kiev city administration on the events in Ukraine and Kiev.

International exhibition “Still Life 2014”, at the Museum of Kyiv fortress, to the events in Ukraine and Kiev with the performance “My still life.”

Solo exhibition “Forever alive” in Kiev based on the Maidan.

2016 – Poland, Lublin. Implementation Poject “The body of the country” in conjunction with the Urban RECEDENCIES, Laboratorium Sztuki Społecznej, Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie.

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