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A story from Stateless in Jordan

When I got camera and take photo I want to take photo about children and my life in Gaza camp. When I am child I don’t have play, I don’t have toys I don’t have anything of the better life. I want to change this life about our new children. To make children smile. I want to communicate with people with Facebook, with e-mail, to help us in Gaza camp. To see how the children live in the Gaza camp and they don’t have shoes, they don’t have clothes. All things are bad.

Education doesn’t help. Money doesn’t help. I have education, others have education. No change. But if they consider us as
human beings and give us the nationality. It is about the government, and if that change we can change our lives for the better. If it does not change we will never have the chance to change for the better. I am a human. Not just a person who lives in Gaza camp. I am same with Jordanian, with American, with Israeli, with anybody, the same. All my life I am under, but I am not under! I am the same! I am a human like you. They make me feel pathetic, like I need help.

Story told by Safiah Salem, living as stateless in the "Gaza" refugee camp in Jarash, Jordan. Portrait by Marcus Haraldsson/Bordr

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Jerash, Jerash Governorate, Jordan