“Europe Grand Central” fully reported to EU

As a reporting platform we are happy to have cleared our own first major reporting obligation towards the European Commission. And doing it well.

The review from EU:s EACEA of the “Europe Grand Central” project – the origin of Global Grand Central – reads:

“We would like above all to congratulate you and your partners for your work and the very good quality of your interesting project and the way it was managed in all the aspects. And we would like to underline a few best practices that have been identified as follows:

1- The quality of the reporting demonstrates a sound and efficient partnership management. Despite a number of issues about the communication and the content of a few deliverables, the work-programme and the activities were successfully implemented

2- The regular communication with the Agency allowed an open and fruitful dialogue.

3- The communication and dissemination strategy started quite early and presentation in international events in Europe and beyond had high impacts on the visibility of the project (ENCATC working group meeting and Congress, Trans Europe Halles annual meetings; IETM Plenary meetings; Eastern Partnership Culture Congress; Southern Africa Civil Society Forum; Queens Museum; Metropolitan New York Library Council).

4- Sustainability of the project is very promising as the legacy organization Global Grand Central non-profit is already founded.”

Read the full evaluation of our reporting here

Read a two-page executive project summary here
Learn and contribute to all the projects of Europe Grand Central on its Hub page here

The project received 100% of possible contribution from the Creative Europe program to its seven partners, equalling €200.000 towards a total budget of €377.661.

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